Listeria: I’m pregnant, can I eat…

No mum (probably the only one who will read the post), I’m not pregnant. Girlbug and boybug are more than enough to keep me busy. They are beginning to allow me a bit of time here and there though, and so I’ve managed to complete the first in my “I’m pregnant, can I eat” series.

Are you pregnant? (Not you, mum). Do you have a friend who is? What have they been told by their midwives about what they can/can’t eat. The advice seems to vary wildly, and isn’t always in line with the NHS…but have you ever wondered how the NHS decide these things? That’s what this series is covering.

First up is the biggy, Listeria. All around us, not phased by a bit of chilling, and often no symptoms in healthy adults. Thankfully rare, but really very serious for unborn/newborn babies.

Read about balancing the risks here!

I’d love to hear about your experience with food advice in pregnancy, and what decisions you made in the comments.

Motherbug x


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