Archimedes reincarnate

Girlbug might have the attention span and thirst for knowledge, but if I had to choose a future scientist it would have to be boybug. Here are some highlights of his experimentation to date. You may notice a theme.


On the hunt for breadsticks
On the hunt for breadsticks


On the bacterial transfer from toilet seat to breadstick

It was 5am, I’m never at the top of my game at 5am! He wandered off and I had that flicker of “I should follow him”, but it was 5am! I heard some rustling and he came back proudly brandishing a breadstick. The lighting was dim, so it was only when he came really close I could see the water dripping off it. As he began to suck on the breadstick, it dawned on me. The only water source he has access to is the downstairs loo. Why would he do that? To see what happened, of course!

On the fluid dynamics of toilet roll

More water based shenanigans. I herded girlbug and boybug into the bathroom for their evening bath, arms full of nappies and pyjamas and bubble bath and towels and children. As I ran the bath I realised I didn’t have boybug’s nappy. “You two behave while I just grab a nappy”. I still say this every time in the hope that one day it might happen. I walked the 3 metres to boybug’s room, grabbed the nappy and winced at the squeals of laughter coming from the bathroom. The 11 toilet rolls remaining in an open pack of 12 were floating in the bath, the plastic wrapper rapidly taking on water and the contents soaking it up and turning to mush. As I tried to scoop the mush out of the bath I realised I had nowhere to put it, so I left a dripping mess trailing down the hallway.

On the density of girlbug’s pyjamas

A similar experiment to above, but this time using his sister as a target rather than willing accomplice. Obviously I hadn’t done the laundry so, with her pjs floating in the bath, girlbug went to bed wearing leggings and a t shirt. Boybug noted “pyjamas float” in his notepad, or he would have if he could write.

On the reaction times of a grandma while partially submerged in tepid water

“You’ll have to watch him, he thinks he can swim”. I’m sure Grandma thought that at 11 months he wasn’t going to try to swim. But as she watched girlbug showing off in the water, boybug took his chance. He went from knee deep in water to looking like he was trying out for the Nirvana photo shoot in a second. Grandma and motherbug were luckily only an arms length away. This experiment was for us grown ups. Conclusion: Never let boybug out of your reach!

On the conductivity of day old water when exposed to phone chargers

This is a regular occurrence. I take water to bed with me. The kids play in my bedroom the following morning while I get dressed. Boybug grabs the water and pours it over anything electrical he can find. I swear he hunts out electrical goods just to see what happens. That and the occasional book, but only if I’ve only just started it.

On the effect of gravity on Christmas decorations

“Can the baubles stay on the Christmas tree?”, “leave them al….” *CRASH*. As the 7ft Christmas tree (not mine, luckily plastic and lightweight, with no glass ornaments) came crashing down I sprinted towards it. Boybug lay motionless and silent, just two legs with batman socks visible underneath the tinsel. As I lifted the tree, my heart was as close to my mouth as it has ever been. I pulled the tree up, boybug jumped to his feet and ran off still clutching the precious, shiny bauble!! Just checking the gravity.

There are more. Many, many more. He’s only 18 months. He is an inquisitive handful, but so good natured with it. I’m really not as lax as some of these examples make out…he’s just very good at picking his moments! I do truly believe everything he does is just for his scientific studies on life.

Please tell me I’m not alone? Other toddlers do this, right? Tell me your stories 🙂

Motherbug x


4 thoughts on “Archimedes reincarnate

  1. I sympathise regarding experimentation with bacterial transfer. At a similar age, my son was constantly testing his immune system. A particular favourite was chewing the dog’s bone.


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