Sibling rivalry: it’s all in her head

Girlbug is going through a phase of attributing quotes to her little brother. It always starts: “Boybug is sooo silly. He said….”

However, in contrast to his verbose sister, boybug is a little bug of few words. A typical second child he has mastered saying chocolate, water and scooter, but not much else. The necessities are covered at least.


Messy from
Sibling rivalry: As real as this little guy is scary


Any potential bickering therefore exists solely in Girlbug’s head. This week alone we’ve had imaginary fights about whether cars go on roads or in the sky, whether you eat or read books, and if beds are for sleeping in or jumping on. Girlbug has won every single argument…because they are completely fictitious!

So I was rooting for the underdog already, when I heard:

“Muuuummy, Boybug is so silly! He said Gravity is here, but it’s not. It’s only on the moon! It’s what makes space people bounce.”

Ha. “Silly Boybug” has won his first scientific argument without muttering a word! Poor Girlbug was not impressed, and now claims that Boybug didn’t say anything because he can’t speak. She should have known better than to test Boybug on gravity. It’s one of his specialist subjects: he has tested in almost every way I can think of, though I have no doubt he has many more experiments up his sleeve. Some of them are really inventive (see the Christmas tree incident in my previous post), others just repeated daily (e.g. what happens if I throw a piece of bread on the floor every day from 6 months until adulthood?). If gravity changes, Boybug will be the first to know.

Maybe this defeat will spell the end for the imaginary sibling rivalry? A momentary pause, I’m sure, until the rather more real version begins, once Boybug starts really conversing.

As an aside, Girlbug learnt about gravity from TV. The kids watch the magic box to calm down for half an hour before bed (i.e. to give me some peace so I can do things like this. It’s on now) and Girlbug’s knowledge of gravity has been acquired solely from the CBeebies show “Messy goes to Okido”. Have you seen it?  As well as providing a little bit of scientific education (though obviously they didn’t manage to get the gravity message across to Girlbug), it has a cracking theme tune. We regularly have a dance-off to the intro. I win as I am the best dancer, and also the judge. And it has the  amazing characters Zim, Zam and Zoom: science computer, engineer and lab assistant respectively. And the least scary monster you have ever seen. It is a rabbit. Painted blue and with a long tail, but a rabbit nonetheless. Not sure how that makes it a monster, but that is my only quibble in an otherwise great (as far as kids to goes) show.

I highly recommend giving it a go.

Motherbug x


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