Geometry and gyromancy, circles and cookies

Boybug is beginning to show an interest in geometry. He can now say “square”…I think. It’s hard to tell as most of his words sound the same! He also enjoys repetition. I now know all the words to “What the ladybird heard” and “Personal penguin” (a lesser known, but no less favored book).

The science of geometry and art of repetition have been combined – in this beautiful toy!


Fisher Price Cookie Jar
Shapes are in my cookie jar…but only the circle

Do you have one? “Shapes are in the cookie jar, triangle, heart, star” it sings. “Star!!” shouts Boybug, triumphantly clutching the purple star. Then the star gets jettisoned, in favour of the yellow circle. Even though he can’t say it, the circle is favourite. It’s the only one he can get in the arkwardly tilted, shape-sorter holes. The only one that can go in the hole in any orientation. So, he practices. And practices. I’ve tried to show him how the others go in, but he’s not interested. I think he could probably get that circle in the hole blindfolded now.

Now he’s got us all talking about circles. And here are three basic facts we discussed (I should have looked them up in an encyclopedia, which means “circle of learning”, but Google was easier):

  • A circle is the shape with the largest area for any given length of perimeter line
  • The name circle relates to the line, everything inside is called a disk
  • All lines from the centre to a point in the boundary are the same length

I demonstrated the last one with cocktail sticks. Then Girlbug did a more abstract representation of the idea (see below). Boybug just found circle shaped objects that fitted on the paint palette, coating everything in green paint in the process!


Arts and crafts
Girlbug’s abstract circles, Boybug’s messy green circles

We also tried or hand at some more “out there” circle related fun. We stumbled away from the world of science, into the world of Gyromancy. Gyromancy is a type of divination where you make someone dizzy and the direction they fall predicts the future. What better way to determine the snack?? The dried banana won, though I suspect there was some fixing going on…and Boybug refused to participate and stole the breadsticks!! My husband thinks this may be a dizzy step too far, and that I may be encouraging the circle obsession…but, it filled some time and got some giggles! What do you do on a rainy day to keep the kids entertained?

P.S. Don’t ask why she’s dressed as Pocahontas – we have 50,000 costume changes a day!


2 thoughts on “Geometry and gyromancy, circles and cookies

  1. Shapes are in my cookie jar! Triangle, heart and star! There’s a circle over there! Here’s a square! (Did I mention we’ve got one as well?!)


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