Because it JUST is!!

I wasn’t going to be one of those mums…But Frozen has changed me!

I was going to answer every one of their questions, praise their inquisitive minds, wonder at the innocent insightfulness of each probing problem.

For a time I enjoyed the “why” stage. Girlbug’s thirst for knowledge was well matched with my propensity to explain things to anyone who listens. Though she couldn’t count to ten, she had an impressive knowledge of the various states of water, and the process of respiration and photosynthesis.

Then Frozen happened.

Frozen ruined everything. It ruined Girlbug’s questions, and it ruined my answers.

Princess spinning
The downward spiral of the calibre of Girlbug’s question

That inquisitive mind has been (I hope temporarily) warped and distorted, now filled with princesses, dresses, coronations and engagements. There are only two advantages to the Frozen obsession. 1) It bides me some time to do other things and 2) it has introduced the concept of fractals (Girlbug screaming “frozen fractals all around” never fails to bring a smile to my face).

But the deterioration in the quality of questions is a major downside. I am struggling to find any enthusiasm to answer “why does Anna get engaged to someone she’s only just met”, “why are trolls short”, “why does Hans want to take over the kingdom” or “why does Elsa run away”. But I do answer them, at least the first few times. After the 7th or 8th time though, I admit, the stock replies of “because mummy said so”, “I don’t know” and “because it JUST is” are coming into play. To which Girlbug cries “but why because, mummy? But why?”. “I just don’t know, sweetie”. “Well you should know. You’ve watched it enough!” Touché Girlbug, touché.

As well as influencing her questions, it also influences many of her interactions with other children. “What did you do today?”, “Played Elsa and Anna.”…every day. Whether a child is Elsa or Anna says a lot of their social standing apparently. Poor Boybug is regularly referred to as “my sister, Anna” and forced to play along. Last week, as Girlbug casually sauntered back from preschool she announced she had invited a boy for a sleep over, because they are engaged. She was unphased by my reply that I didn’t know this child. They’ve known each other much longer than one day, so it must be OK to get married!

Bring back the questions on gravity, I say!


One thought on “Because it JUST is!!

  1. Haha! Yes, I remember these days. Sometimes being a mother is allowing your children to explore even if it isn’t something you agree with. You are doing a great job! One day she will listen to you more readily because she will know you listen to her! My kids are both in or near the teenager years and man does it make all the difference at this stage. The relationship of respect started way back at where you are now.


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