The 20 science careers of a 3 year old


As I sit bleary eyed this morning, I ponder what both kids will do with their lives. I hope they have plenty of opportunities, to explore life, to have fun, to find the things that they enjoy, that make them happy.

As to what they’ll do for work, who knows. Girlbug has her heart set on “Princess” right now. But I understand there are limited vacancies for those kind of positions, and I’m not sure we socialise in the right circles. She may need to re-think it.

Women are still under-represented in many areas of science, and it starts while they’re at school. I’m applying to be a STEM (science, technology, engineering and medicine) ambassador, to talk in schools, and am also joining the WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) campaign. But it’s got to start at home, right?

So to celebrate International day of Women and Girls in Science, here is Girlbug practicing for some future careers:

 Science careers  Science careers Science careers  Science careers  Science careers 

Alright, so the last one isn’t strictly a science career, but she want to keep her options open!


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