My staggering scientific conclusion on sleep

Like many a mum, I’m obsessed with sleep. With my lack of it, with what causes Boybug to stir, with what time Girlbug rises, with who has had more – me or my husband, and with how much everyone else is having! I’ve come to the conclusion there is no science to the way children sleep…children, and their sleep, are just random.

Boybug was, until last weekend, an early riser. It was draining the life out of me (see my post entitled 5am)! But then this week, I decided to cut his after lunch nap from two hours to one and a half, and BOOM! He’s sleeping till 7.30am! See. This is the thing I struggle with with children. The random, non-science-y, tricksy way they do things! How does reducing Boybug’s nap by 30 mins make him sleep for an extra two and a half hours?! 7.30am is pretty good though. Mustn’t grumble (or get too used to it!)

Another case: Girlbug is now definitely a late riser. In bed by 7pm she will often sleep to 8-8.30am. On preschool days I have to drag her out of bed, prising the bed covers out of her soft, sleepy, but steadfast grip. “Threenager” doesn’t just refer to the attitude in our house, but the morning routine also.

So I was somewhat suprises when Girlbug started appearing downstairs on the dot of 7.30am of her own volition. She would stagger downstairs, eyes wide but not really focusing, her ringlet hair still ruffled from sleep. “It’s morning mummy” murmured sleepily from between the two fingers secured in her mouth.

She was clearly not ready to be awake (nor was I, but by this point I’d usually been up for hours). It was only weeks later, when I woke her a few minutes early that it all became clear. At precisely 7.30am Girlbug’s toddler clock (the ones with a sun that rises when it’s time to get up) started chirping, then gave us the full morning chorus. Twice.

“Girlbug, what’s that????” “It’s my alarm for telling me that it’s morning”.

Of course. An alarm. Why not?  See my point? Random. Unpredictable. 

I’ve turned the alarm off, but the 7.30am habit seems to have stuck. I can’t complain though, 7.30am is quite civilised.

So my conclusion: kids sleep, or they don’t. In a random, unpredictable manner designed to play with our minds and make us more susceptible to giving in when it comes to biscuit-based arguments.

Now, before someone mentions it, yes, there is plenty of science to sleep. But I haven’t had enough sleep this week to investigate it. Yes – you’ve seen through me. This blog post is a sham. But! Check back soon and I promise I’ll investigate the science of kids sleep and write something more profound. As long as both kids sleep until 7.30am for the next few weeks. Which may or may not happen!


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