It’s mothers day

Like every “mum” blogger up and down the country, I thought I should write something about mothers day. No matter how hard I thought about it (OK, I haven’t given this a great amount of thought) I couldn’t shoe-horn science into this post.

So this is just about motherhood. About mother’s day. My fourth.

Previous years were subdued:

Year one: I think I got a card. It all felt a little surreal – I’m one of the club. The day happened as normal, then we drank wine.

Year two: I was at my parents house. I’m pretty sure my husband was away somewhere. I couldn’t drink wine as Boybug was hibernating in my tummy.

Year three: We went carpet shopping. This wasn’t going to be the main event, but then traffic, and the demands of two children under three, meant it took all day. There was probably wine in the evening.

So here we are on year four. For us, mother’s day is a nice excuse to reflect on being parents, and drink a bit of wine (when not pregant). As is father’s day, of course. My husband has got up with the kids, is in charge of lunch, will be a perfect host to the friends we have coming… But none of that’s out of the ordinary. When he’s home the house and kids is split pretty evenly.

In some respects we have very traditional roles. I’m at home with the kids at the moment, he’s the sole earner, and works more than we all like to allow me to be at home. But we do share parental responsibility wholey and completely.

While I maybe do the lions share of physically caring for the kids, my husband is involved in every aspect. He knows, and takes interest in, when their vaccinations are due (obviously!!), if they’ve scraped their knee, the highest number they can count to our new word they have mastered.

Now, the idea of this post wasn’t too brag, or compare husbands or lifestyles… Merely to say, for us mother’s day is nice. It is. I work hard with the kids and is nice to get the appreciation. But for me, the weekends are the easy bit. My husband takes a lot of the slack.

I have a proposition for darling husband. Next year, if I’m still at home with the kids, can we please move mother’s day to a Monday??

Monday is my totally free day with both kids. Some are the highest of high – a day trip gone well, a sunny day and picnic at the park, a play date free from squabbles and with uninterrupted coffee and cake. Others, the depths of dispair. The double tantrum, the stifling sense of boredom when we don’t have “a plan”, the inability to escape each other when we all seem to clash.

It’s these days I need a hand, physical support, a day off. That’s not in any way to make a judgement of working mums – I’ve been there too. You have your mother’s day on a Sunday and revel in it (or take Monday off and have it then if you prefer!) But for me, my mother’s day, next year it’ll be a Monday. Book that day off now, darling!


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