Bonkers bubbles

What kid doesn’t love bubbles? From the ones with too much latex in, that never pop and leave stains on my rug; to the ones with the wands that aren’t attached to the lid, so you have to stick a finger in and fish around for it: We’ve got quite a collection. We have massive garden-only bubble wands, tiny party bag pots of bubbles that are almost too small to hold, pirate bubbles, princess bubbles, fancy bubbles with multifaceted wands and those bubbles with a mini marble maze on the lid. Girlbug has even been inside a bubble. The video makes me smile, every time. The look of wonderment as a kid’s party entertainer encases Girlbug in a giant bubble, arms outstretched, mouth agape.

For normal sized bubbles, the scenario is always the same:

  • Girlbug wants to blow her own bubbles
  • Boybug wants to blow his own bubbles. I say no. He has such a sad face that I say yes. (Parenting gurus say just be consistent. THEY haven’t seen Boybug’s sad face).
  • Girlbug gets over-excited and spills bubble mix on her dress. This is a disaster in her eyes. She is suddenly freezing (regardless of the weather), and her beautiful dress is “stained”.
  • Boybug seizes his opportunity and drinks his bubbles. He looks very pleased with himself.
  • All bubbles are removed until further notice.

Now it’s clear I am doing this bubble thing wrong, though I had thought it was mainly my parenting style at fault, rather than my bubble technique.


So how do I reach that one?

Imagine my surprise, when I read the following in a science mag:

There is a science behind the art of blowing soap bubbles.”

Turns out, it’s all about your blowing speed (duh!) and there’s now an equation for it. This sounds like a ridiculous thing to be researching, right? The article reassures that it will have practical applications as it furthers our knowledge of fluid mechanics…I’ll let you make your own mind up on that one!

While this is interesting to some I’m sure, I’m not convinced spending time perfecting my bubble technique, while leaving Girlbug and Boybug unsupervised, is necessarily the best idea.

They’ll just have to make do with my substandard bubbles for now.

Anyone got any bubble blowing tips?


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