BSW day 1: Rocket role play

So, for our first day of British Science Week (alright, it started yesterday but I forgot!) we have been super-busy…unfortunately not with very much science play. We’ve had people over, and I’m heading out in a minute for a well earned night off.

However, we did manage some astronaut play with our rocket. That counts right?

I’ve talked about Girlbug’s 3-birthday before. Her obsession with space also influenced her present choice. It’s the first year she really told us what she wanted: “A pink rocket with a button that you press and it flies.” As this doesn’t exist, we set about looking at rockets that do exist. I fell in love with the Hape Discovery spaceship as soon as I saw it. It’s asthetically pleasing as well as very cleverly designed. We really haven’t been disappointed.

A much sunnier day than today: the rocket as new

While occasionally Girlbug and Boybug play together, the three sides mean Girlbug and Boybug can have a side each and play independently. We don’t have a wooden dolls house (yet) and this kind of takes its place. There’s a bed, a sink, even an exercise bike, and the little figures (including the alien), detachable rocket and moon-buggy allow for elaborate roll plays. Boybug (20 months) has become really interested in this lately, and it’s nice to see them both using it (as it was pretty expensive).

So that’s the only bit of science we got in for today. Tomorrow though we are either looking at bats or cabbages. I haven’t decided which yet. In the meantime I have a 2 hour drive to see some friends. Normally a two hour drive would be a chore, but this is without the kids!! Two hours peace, listening to something other than Frozen. Can’t wait!

Have you done anything science-y today?


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