BSW day 3: colourful cabbages

Ok, so we’re finally getting into the swing of things now. Today, we got out the cabbages!

Red cabbages, when boiled, create a juice that can be used as an indicator, going pink in acids and blue in alkalis. With the help of some vinegar and bicarbonate of soda we played around with colours and dyed Girlbug’s hands purple, then blue. We then mixed all the potions together, creating some carbon dioxide bubbles, and made a pink fizzy drink and some foam.

Here’s a little montage of our efforts. We particulaly enjoyed watching the blue liquid pour in and turn pink on impact (top right), and listening to our bubbles (bottom left). Less than ideal was the staining of our hands (bottom right). We’ll both have blue fingers for a while I think. Our kitchen stinks of cabbages and vinegar and the sink is still fizzing, but both kids are now asleep – I call that a success!

Edit: Here’s a nice link that explains what’s going on. Most of this would be above Girlbug’s head, so we settled for talking about colours, and what food is acid and alkali.


Tomorrow for British Science Week, Girlbug is valiantly going to brave the needle in the name of science…yup, it’s preschool booster day!


4 thoughts on “BSW day 3: colourful cabbages

    1. It wasn’t too much work actually, but was very pretty! I wish we’d tried some more stuff actually, but the smaller one was about to wake up so we were pushed for time!


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