BSW day 4: Chocolate craters and dreaded doctors

Today was the day of Girlbug’s preschool booster vaccinations. What better way to demonstrate the wonders of science and celebrate British Science Week? Girlbug didn’t see it that way, however. We prepped her before hand – a little pain now is better than being really ill another day. She agreed in principle. Turns out, she was less keen in practice.

So we had to have some positive encouragement. She had her Brave doll (an emergency purchase when she realised all her dolls have straight hair, but aptly named for this situation), and had been promised a fun chocolate-based experiment when she came home (see below). She did very well though, and is fine now. Boybug on the other hand slept through the ordeal and is claiming that micro nap as the only one for the day – gah!

In a synchronicity unbeknownst to Girlbug, parliament are also talking about vaccines today. Meningitis B at 2.20pm to be precise. More on that later (if the kids let me watch it).

Chocolate craters

So, after the trauma of the vaccinations, onto the promised chocolate experiment. I had seen this posted on Facebook by the Clangers (yup!) under the hashtag BritishScienceWeek. But I’ve made amendments. Where they used flour, we used icing sugar as it tastes better, and where they used marbles and balls we used banana, chocolate biscuits, Smarties and grapes as they taste better too. The use of different shapes also added a new dimension to it.

So, here’s what we did (look away now if your kids don’t yet eat sugary treats!)

I got my trusty baking tray out, cleaned up after yesterday’s cabbage-vinegar experiments. I put a thick layer of icing sugar on it, with a fine sprinkling of cocoa powder on top. Placing this in the middle of the table, I gave the kids the sweet treats. We then took turns to drop bits of food into the baking tray, then carefully removed the food and examined the craters they left.

In truth, neither kid did much examining. Boybug refused to throw his food (for once) and just kept repeating his mantra of “mine. Chocolate mine.” Girlbug did lots of throwing though, and loved making icing sugar and cocoa powder puff into the air on impact. In between mouthfuls, I did manage to briefly explain that the bigger heavier things would make bigger craters, and the higher up we held something the bigger the crater would be, too. By the end, Girlbug could reliably tell me what size crater something would create. Then she realised just how good food dipped in icing sugar tastes. Shortly after that I had to remove the tray for fear she would eat a whole bag of icing sugar! 

Both kids thought this was great. Boybug got involved once his precious chocolate was safely secured in his tummy, preferring to use his finger to make craters. 

Here’s our montage – this really was pretty messy, and sugar-fuelled! Tomorrow Girlbug is at preschool, so I need to devise something for Boybug and I to get involved in. I’m thinking something water based may go down well.



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