BSW day 6: The science of Spring

After the damp, glittery, over-ambitious project of yesterday,today I thought we’d take it easy. The sun is out and Spring is in the air so for the 6th day of British Science Week we explored the garden. As well as being less effort and less mess, Boybug is at his very best when given free reign to explore his surroundings (here’s a run down of previous experiments).

Here are Boybug’s main findings for today. He apologises that they are his rough notes, he is busy sleeping and so hasn’t had time to write them up!

Removal of soil

  • Messy.
  • Confusing rules as to where and when it’s allowed.
  • Not what “that” spade is for.
  • Not what “that” wheelbarrow is for.
  • Results in not being allowed back in the house for snacks.


  • Flowers we have in the house and garden. I am not allowed to pick the outside ones and bring them inside, or climb on chairs to try to reach the inside ones in a bid to free them. Confusing.
  • Poisonous and therefore stuffing handfuls of them into my mouth is a good way of getting mummy’s attention.


  • The ones made of stone are easier to stroke.
  • Mummy doesn’t like me carrying the ones made of stone or the ones made of fur.
  • Both can bite fingers.


  • Are different to blueberries.
  • Are not to be picked.
  • Taste strange.
  • Make mummy run super-fast.
  • Result in mummy washing my mouth out.


  • Though mummy often sings Insy Winsy, she does not like spiders.
  • Mummy says spiders are interesting, but doesn’t like me bringing them near her.
  • Mummy doesn’t like me destroying retaining walls in an attempt to find bugs.
  • Worms taste strange.

So there you have it. Boybug’s findings for today.


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