Great minds! And please nominate me

I’m not sure if anyone read my post on how art and science are intrinsicly linked? No? Well, I’ll admit, it was mainly focused at the preschool level, with the addition of pretty pictures from the Wellcome library.

But, I didn’t realise that CERN had come to the same conclusion. Great minds, as they say! The CERN arts programme is really interesting, and they have just launched the call for this year’s artist in residence.

From the Arts@CERN website:

“Particle physics and the arts are inextricably linked: both are ways to explore our existence, what it is to be human and our place in the universe. The two fields are natural creative partners for innovation, research and development.”

That is definitely what my previous blog post was about. Sort of.

Anyway, now for the begging part.

Blog award nominations

It would appear that there are some blog awards happening, the Mum and Dads (MADs) blogging awards, to be precise. Now, even though my ideas are basically on a par with CERN’s, I’m not really expecting to get very far. But if you like what you read, a little bit of exposure wouldn’t go a miss. Here are some reasons you might want to vote for under the “best new blog” category:

  • You like the blog (always a good start)
  • You like me (come on friends and family, show me you care)
  • You like science (I know at least some of you do)
  • You like your kids or my kids or someone’s kids (who doesn’t?)
  • There’s no “kids and science” category, which makes this blog a rare species (you wouldn’t want it to die out now, would you?)

And here is where you need to vote:

MAD blogger awards

Thank you!


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