British Science Week round up

So, today is the end of British Science week. Nine days of science has been hard to cram in, and I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes the best way to explain things to toddlers and preschoolers is in amongst what you’re already doing. While we all enjoyed playing with cabbage water and making craters with biscuits, Boybug definitely preferred exploring the garden, and Girlbug retained more information on our nature trip today than any of the others.

Today we went looking at trees! There were twirly trunks, cut stumps, spiky cacti and monkey puzzles – plenty to explore. We counted some tree rings (though it turns out the science of dendrochronology is more complex than one ring = one year), Boybug learned how to say and how to eat “moss”, Girlbug tested gravity jumping from stump to stump, and came out with one of her best lines yet:

“Trees are so kind” she said, wistfully gazing up at the canopy. “Why’s that?” “They give us oxygen so we can live. That’s a very kind thing to do”.

Here’s what we’ve done this week, and a couple of photos from today:


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