It’s been a while: a summary of the summer

Blogging has been on the back burner of late. I’d really like to get back into it…but I’ve yet to find the time and motivation! Here’s a brief summary of the summer. 

Longest summer holiday…ever!

The summer has been extra-long: I loved the first part of the holiday, and it was great to see the kids become better play mates as the weeks went by. By the end of it, it definitely felt like them vs. me! Boybug now goes to Girlbug with his demands, and Girlbug is often happy to oblige. “What’s that Boybug? You’d like to play with play doh on the carpet and then eat it? Fantastic idea. I’ll just climb on this chair to reach it for you!”, “you’d like to raid the fridge? Sure I’ll open it for you…then run and tell mum!”.

So by week seven we were all getting a little fractious. We did loads of fun activities and day trips, but as the state of the house deteriorated (normally I clean while Boybug sleeps and Girlbug is at school, not possible in the holidays), so did my mood and motivation.

Getting our geek on: one of the more enjoyable moments

Girlbug finally started school (for two hours a day, with only half the class) this Tuesday, but until she does full days I’m still pretty time-poor! I thought life would be easier with only one to juggle, but during the short time Girlbug was at school, Boybug upped his mischief making to compensate. At the park, for example,  he experimented with new tastes and textures – “mmm. Mushrooms are tasty” – as I sprint to work out what has just been consumed I assure myself it’s been too dry for mushrooms in the field. I’m right. “Boybug, that’s fox poo!!!!!” “Mmm. Tasty poo.” 

Longest week…ever!

And smack in the middle of the the holidays we had a week like no other I’ve experienced. The sleep deprivation of having a newborn, mixed with potential job opportunities and far too many bodily fluids on my soft furnishings. Both kids spent most of the week either climbing the walls because we were stuck inside, vomiting on the rugs, or lying on the sofa complaining of stomach cramps. I spent Monday night sleeping on Girlbug’s floor passing her a bucket once an hour, every hour! Not to be out done, Boybug had a febrile seizure on Tuesday night, resulting in a trip in an ambulance, and all nighter at hospital! He’s fine now – in fact he was fine in the ambulance – though he told the crew the driving was too bumpy! 

Biybug destroying the hospital

Girlbug was less than impressed with being dragged out of bed on Wednesday morning to collect her brother from the hospital. Just as I finally sank into the car, after sitting and watching Boybug sleep all night, a small voice in the back said: “I’m going to be sick”. Yup, Girlbug was *still* vomiting!

By Thursday morning I was pretty done with vomit. Amazed I hadn’t got the bug myself, I did a 5 hour round trip for a job interview, and left my husband with the kids. The kids made a miraculous recovery for him, obviously, only to renew being sick on Friday.

Getting a new (unpaid) job

I heard back about the job (a funded PhD studentship) the same day – I was offered! Not bad going given the severe sleep deprivation. Unfortunately the next day I was told I live too far away, and it breaks some rule. Now, I know I live far away – it took me five hours to drive there and back – but it would have been useful to know you have to live within 50km to be eligible before the interview stage!

But as is often the case, things look to be working themselves out. Hopefully I will be doing a PhD by publication – tying up some existing papers into a thesis. For no money, unfortunately, just for the love of science and writing.

Trying out some new hobbies

Oh. And I took up trail running. It’s given me a similar outlet to writing (i.e. a chance to get away from the kids for an hour) but has meant I’ve put on weight, as I’ve used it as an excuse to eat cake at least once a day! 

And I’m trying to read more fiction, too. 

So. That is why the blog has been quiet. That and an underlying feeling of “why am I doing this?”, and “what should this blog be?” Questions I still haven’t fully answered. Hopefully I’ll be able to carve out some time to research some of the topics on my long list of sciencey, child related things over the coming weeks…

And of to show me I’m juggling too much, Boybug has just fallen asleep, 3 minutes before bedtime, as I write this!

No , dont sleep now!

One thought on “It’s been a while: a summary of the summer

  1. It looks like you had an eventful summer. You captured the moments with colorful photos and you are clear about your priorities. We hope you garner the motivation to resume blogging soon.


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