Resolutions and excuses

Happy New Year! As we watched the fireworks on TV at midnight, and I thought about my personal resolutions, I couldn’t help but think about this neglected blog. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with it, but thought I should at least give it a second chance. In part it is my personal resolutions that are getting in the way of the blog. But it’s not just that.

My personal resolutions are as follows:

  • Lose weight. Sorry, so predictable. I’ve failed the diet already – after taking the kidbugs into London to the Science Museum today on my own I needed a chocolatey reward.
  • Run more. I was doing pretty well until October. Then it got dark and cold. Must be more resilient.
  • Read more.
  • Mess around on social media less. 
  • Write that PhD.

So that’s going to leave me with not so much time to write on the blog. Added to that, Girlbug started school in September, and Boybug is reaching a new level of mischief mastery.

So many conflicting goals!

And writing a blog does really take a lot of time. I really enjoy the writing, but I hadn’t realised so much more was involved. When I was feeling motivated, early last year, I had a look at Twitter and Instagram. And various parenting networks. And some blogging networks. Updating them all, and trying to engage audiences in all of them made my head hurt. I didn’t enjoy it. 

The other way touted to “grow your audience” is to get friendly with other bloggers. I’ve met a few (mainly virtually, and a few in real life), and they’re lovely. But added to the school mums, the playgroup mums, the other local friends, the antenatal mums, friends from work, uni, school…I felt a bit overwhelmed adding another different social group to my network. My phone already pings and distracts me all too often. I already felt like I was spending too long on Whatsapp and Facebook and not enough time engaged with the kids.

So I took a step back. And tried to gain some perspective. I’ve decided I’ll continue with the blog, but drop a lot of the ancillary stuff. I’d still love to chat to other bloggers who are interested in what I write, or have advice for me, but I’m not going to go out and actively seek to draw them in. I’m going to post on Facebook and Twitter, but drop Instagram (because I don’t understand it). I’m going to ease off some of the other networks too. 

And most of all, I’m just going to enjoy writing occasionally, on the things that interest me, without any major game plan. Those that know me, know that not having “a plan”, with associated spreadsheets, is unlikely…but we’ll see how we do.


6 thoughts on “Resolutions and excuses

  1. I totally get this. I had a break from my blog over summer, and then got back in to it big time at Xmas, before my son took ill unexpectedly. I only do WordPress, Facebook and Twitter (and not much on twitter tbh). And I’ve given up caring too much about audiences and stuff. I think the best writing is from the heart and it’s as much for me and my own self reflection, as anyone else. Live your own truth and if you do write, do it for you first, then it will always shine regardless. Quality not quantity x


    1. It’s taken me a while to realise I can’t always do it all. In the past I’ve been very “all or nothing” in my general approach, but I’m beginning to appreciate that a bit of a compromise won’t hurt!!

      That time you could free up would be quickly spent on something else pretty soon, I’m sure 🙂


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