About Motherbug


So here is my new website. The aim of the is to dissect some of the parts of motherhood (and fatherhood too, but I’m not a dad) where warm, cosy nurturing, caring parenting meets the cold, hard, cutting edge of science.

I plan to cover both sides. In the main website section, you’ll find the serious science stuff. Vaccinations, antibiotics, what to eat (or not eat) during pregnancy, when to sterilise baby equipment, childhood infections – I’m looking at you! The blog will be a more lighthearted look at science meets parenting. I’m thinking how to teach science to young kids, the scientific things my kids do day to day, my daughter’s growing obsession with space, women in science and lots more.

In keeping with the theme of this blog I think it’s important to explain who I am and why I’m writing. I can hardly advocate evidence based decisions if I don’t give you the tools to assess the information that I give out myself (though I will endeavour to provide references where appropriate).

So here goes. My life in 5 succinct points

1. I’m mum to two small people (as I type boybug is 18 months, girlbug is 3 years)
2. I have a science degree from Imperial, and an MSc from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
3. I spent 9 years working as an infectious disease epidemiologist (i.e the study of epidemics)
4. I’m now on a career break looking after my own little germ spreaders
5. I have been amazed at the lack of scientific information available regarding pregnancy, birth and kids in general. What is available is either hard to access and comprehend (e.g in journals) or often written by public bodies in a manner so vague and condescending to be of little use to anyone.

Some of the issues I cover are going to be contentious. And I have my strong opinions, as many parents do. But what I believe even more strongly is there is a whole army of parents out there striving to do the best for their children, but not armed with the information to make informed choices. So, while what I write will obviously be influenced (or biased) by my values and beliefs, I will attempt to label opinion as such, reference any facts I provide, and sumarise the current scientific consensus.
I’m exciting about the creative side of writing, and getting my head back into science after changing nappies and juggling nap routines for the last 3 years.



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