Technological tots

There are plenty of commentaries about the role of social media, gagetry and screens in our children’s upbringing, and I’m loathed to add to it…But I’m going to. I am a first-generation IT-child. I started school in the world of BBC computers (well…one computer) and wheeled-out cathode ray tube TVs. I lived the first decade … More Technological tots

BSW day 4: Chocolate craters and dreaded doctors

Today was the day of Girlbug’s preschool booster vaccinations. What better way to demonstrate the wonders of science and celebrate British Science Week? Girlbug didn’t see it that way, however. We prepped her before hand – a little pain now is better than being really ill another day. She agreed in principle. Turns out, she … More BSW day 4: Chocolate craters and dreaded doctors