Are eggs safe?

A new report shows that UK hens eggs are rarely contaminated with Salmonella. This is great news for those who love runny eggs, especially for pregnant ladies, young children and other vulnerable groups, for which a bout of Salmonella could be really unpleasant! I’ve written about eggs before, see here for a full description about … More Are eggs safe?

It’s not OK to tell a woman to delay pregnancy!

There are really very few occasions I can think of when anyone saying “maybe you shouldn’t have a baby right now” is going to be either wise or welcomed. Even fewer where the entity saying it is a national government. But it happens. In the recent Zika virus outbreak in South America, several countries called … More It’s not OK to tell a woman to delay pregnancy!

Listeria recall

Tesco have recalled some of the flavoured butter (who knew that was a thing??) due to possible listeria contamination. Particularly important for those who are pregnant or with weakened immune systems. See the Food Stamdards Agency recall notice. More information on Listeria here.